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Our Mission: 

To ensure high levels of learning for all students and adults. 

Our Vision: 

At Orchard Park Elementary, 

  • We design a positive environment where students feel valued as individuals and provide various opportunities to discover their strengths and passions.

  • We strive to create a school where we embrace change and grow future leaders. 

  • We have high expectations for all students, teachers, parents, and community members and share a collective responsibility for each child’s individual academic and social-emotional growth and well being. 

  • Through high levels of professional learning, we continue to grow in our instructional practices and stay committed to best practices as adults. 

Our Collective Commitments: 

  • We are committed to the belief that all children can learn. 

  • We are committed to the belief that collaboration and positive RELATIONSHIPS are needed for continuous growth.

  • We are committed to the belief that we are a strong COMMUNITY who is PASSIONATE about putting children first. 

  • We are committed to the belief that we serve others with PRIDE.