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Parent Involvement


Visitors and volunteers must enter by the front door and stop by the office.  Opportunities where we may have visitors include school programs, parent-teacher conferences, book fairs, and other special events. Security doors to other parts of the building will be opened by an office person after the visitors log in at the computer and scan their driver’s license or official government-issued identification.  Security procedures require that badges of visitors/volunteers must be visible at all times.  This ensures all students’ safety by letting office and classroom personnel know who is in the building.  The school will communicate events that allow parents to attend in a safe and controlled manner. 

Due to increased security protocols and limited seating, parents and guardians may join their child during their lunch period up to four times per year per child. Visitors coming for lunch should limit the number of adults to two per visit. 


We appreciate that many parents and grandparents like to help our school. Volunteers should plan to attend the volunteer orientation. Because the maintenance of copying machines can be expensive, we require that volunteers be trained by an Orchard Park staff member before using any school machines. In order to provide a learning environment free from distractions, we ask that volunteers dress in an appropriate manner, check in at the office, turn off cell phones, and avoid unscheduled conferences. Children are not allowed to accompany volunteers in our school.  

All volunteers in the building, such as making copies, working with students, and chaperones for off-campus field trips MUST first be approved by our district-wide background check. This check typically takes approximately 2 weeks to complete and may be initiated by completing the form found here



Our school encourages your participation in PTO sponsored activities during this year.  Our PTO is an extension of the school family, and is dedicated to the support of instructional programs, teaching/learning, and safety.  This important group has one major fund-raiser each year (Booster-Thon).  In addition, the PTO needs volunteers to help with special programs and serve on committees.  Please consider volunteering your time to assist this organization in helping all classrooms, teachers, and students through their many beneficial projects. See the OPES PTO website for more details and information about on-going events.


All elementary schools have a School Improvement Council made up of teachers, parents, and administrators that will help to facilitate communications between the community and the school. Officers of the PTO may be elected to serve on the School Improvement Council. Additional members will be elected later in the fall.