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Conduct & Discipline

Orchard Park Elementary is recognized as a NO PLACE FOR HATE school. Everyone in our building has the right to be treated with dignity, courtesy, and respect. Every child has the right to learn in a positive classroom environment. Every teacher has the right to teach all students without disruptions. The secret to discipline – we will develop relationships with our students so they know we truly care about them as an individual. As we invest in student relationships, discipline will be more effective.


We have high behavior expectations for all and we are committed to providing a school environment that is safe, orderly, conducive to teaching and learning, and free from unnecessary disruption. Orchard Park uses a number of PBIS principles where we follow the Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports model. This model helps all students to be recognized for the positive things that they do each and every day. This approach consists of clearly defined expectations outlined in the OPES PRIDE matrix. These expectations are consistently taught and fairly enforced throughout the building. Individual and class incentives are used to reward students who exhibit good behavior, often heard of as Eagle Tickets. Interventions such as verbal warnings, checklists, buddy room, mediation, taking away privileges, parent contact and/or conference, out of school suspensions may be used with students who do not follow the expectations or exhibit minor behaviors.

School-wide PBIS expectations will be supplemented by each teacher’s set of classroom rules and expectations. A specific focus on PRIDE behaviors and expectations will be followed.


Soar High With PRIDE


Students are to report problems with other students immediately and are expected not to retaliate.  Any student participating in a disruption - regardless of who started the argument, fight, etc. - will be subject to consequences. Parents will be contacted regarding repeated or major problems. As always, students will be expected to make good choices.

Please be aware that School Board policy and South Carolina Code 59-24-60 require school officials to contact law enforcement officers when a student engages in any activity that may or does result in injury or serious threat of injury to a person or property.

While each child is responsible for his or her own behavior, we encourage parental support of the school expectations.  In the event that a student is sent to the office for a discipline referral, parents will be notified by an administrator.  Depending upon the nature of the problem, some possible consequences for inappropriate actions include parent conferences, denial of privileges, and in school or out of school suspension. Student actions that disrupt class work, involve substantial disorder, or invade the rights of others could be a basis for out of school suspension or expulsion. Examples of these student actions or major offenses are: theft, fighting, possession of weapons, damage to school property, assault of school personnel, defiance of school authority, profanity, etc.

OPES Reactive Plan


While every effort will be made to shape behavior through positive reinforcement, we must all keep in mind every child should have the right to study, participate in class, and work in a safe environment.  Name calling, intimidation, threats, and disrespectful attitudes toward classmates, volunteers, school staff members, or visitors is not acceptable.  Bullying is intentional aggressive behavior. It can take the form of physical or verbal harassment and involves an imbalance of power.  It is not acceptable for a child to draw, write, or make threatening statements online or in person. Bullying is also an ongoing pattern of behavior, not a one-time occurrence. This behavior will be addressed through disciplinary action at the discretion of the school administrator, as per FMSD Board Policy JICFAA. Resources for addressing bullying behaviors are available from the guidance counselors or for checkout from the bookcase in the guidance office.