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Arrival & Dismissal

Safety is our top priority.  We need your help to ensure that students are not in dangerous situations.  By following the guidelines below, we can work together to make sure our children get to school and leave safely. 


To maximize safe and efficient arrival of our students, drivers should approach the school using 3rd Baxter Street. When dropping off your child(ren) please pull forward as far as you can in the drop off line (this will help keep the line moving quickly and we can unload more cars).  Please follow the directions of all staff members on duty.  ALL STUDENTS SHOULD EXIT FROM THE CURB-SIDE (RIGHT SIDE) OF THE VEHICLE.  Since the instructional day begins at 7:35 AM, no students should arrive before 7:05 (when adult supervision begins) or after 7:35 AM.  Students arriving after 7:35 A.M. should go directly to the office with an adult to sign them in and get a pass to the classroom. See this map for more details.


 (Back of the School)

State law requires separation of car and bus pick up areas.  Only school district buses are allowed to park in the back parking lot.  Employees have parking spaces in the bus lot.  It is dangerous for our students to be allowed to walk around buses to get to or from cars.  The buses must not be blocked as they have many routes to run. 


Parents should use the front entrance on 3rd Baxter Street for afternoon departure and pickup.  We ask that the first car start a wait line on the right hand lane of the parking lot in front of the kindergarten playground. Cars must not be left unattended in traffic lanes. When picking up children, parents need to stay in their cars and in the car rider line until it is their turn to have the child walk to the vehicle.  This is to ensure a fluid transition for everyone, and if followed, will allow for a shorter time spent in line.

Parents will be given a specific Orchard Park card to be placed on the right front dash or the rear view mirror.  The student’s name will be printed in LARGE, DARK letters so the duty personnel can call for the student.  For safety reasons, anyone without a card will be required to park in the parking lot and come into the building office to sign the student out.  Without your card, you may be asked to present a driver’s license and wait while student records are checked to see who has permission to pick up the student. Additional cards may be acquired from the office for those authorized to pick up the student.

Students should be picked up no later than 2:15 PM.  If you are unable to pick up your child by this time, please make arrangements for your child to be picked up by someone else and notify the office of the arrangements in writing by note or email.  This is extremely important. 

For the safety of all, 

  • All drivers are asked to not talk/text on cell phones during drop-off and pick-up. 
  • We ask that you turn your car engine off and not allow it to idle while waiting for your student
  • We ask that you not smoke in your vehicles or when on school premises during drop-off, pick-up, or visits to the school. Everyone is reminded of the district policy prohibiting smoking on any school property, including buildings, grounds, and parking lots at any time.  
  • Please do not exit your vehicle to fasten seat belts or open doors for your child(ren). The school will provide an area for you to pull into to complete these tasks. 
  • Please be sure younger children accompanying you are supervised.  


It is our goal to make sure all of our students arrive to and from school safely. Therefore, parents must complete a walker/biker waiver form giving permission for their child to obtain a walker/biker pass.  Parents giving written permission for their child to walk home recognize the school’s responsibility for the safety of the child does not extend beyond school supervised areas.  Students who have been issued a walker tag will be dismissed at 2:00pm through the stage doors adjacent to Hugh Street.  An updated walker/biker waiver must be completed each school year. 

In the event of inclement weather we communicate with families of walkers/bike riders by sending a text message indicating that we will be using an alternate dismissal plan. Once the text message has been sent, your child must use the alternate mode of transportation chosen on this walker/biker waiver form and noted on the back of the child's walker tag. 


Since daycare vans take many children at one time and pick up at other schools, they are requested to pick up students at the back parking lot. Please notify your child’s teacher and the front office if your child will be riding to a daycare. 


OPES may have some late bus students and day care riders who are not picked up when school is let out.  These students will be escorted to the gym area to wait on their transportation.  While waiting in the gym, students are expected to have some type of material to read and to abide by school rules and expectations.  


Parents are to notify your child’s teacher and our front office staff of any transportation changes.  Teachers are to receive a written note stating: the way of transportation, the date, and a parent signature. Please do not call the school about a transportation change.  We need written documentation (note with your signature, or email from your email address) that a change will occur so participating parties can be accurately informed. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify daycares of changes.

Email Kim Strickland | for any transportation changes